The all NEW BERG Tap2 starts where other tap control systems stop. BERG incorporates the CIP (clean in place faucet) to assure pouring reliability and ease of cleaning. PC and POS interface provides the ultimate in control. Multi - price levels coupled with up to eight portion sizes per Tap provide the greatest flexibility of any beer dispensing system.

The Tap features:

  • Offers optional interface to BERG Infinity and popular POS.
  • Designed for ease of cleaning.
  • Compact size - fits existing multi-tap arrangements.
  • One remote console controls up to 24 tap heads and 2 POS terminals.
  • Seven-button tap head provides up to eight portion sizes.
  • Continual system operation - even with unstable beer and/or power outage.
  • Full range of management reports.
  • Dispenses beer, wine, or margaritas without modification.
  • Measures and dispenses by volume or time.
  • Multiple levels of security: lockable when bar is closed, each pour rings up at POS, counts each size poured, accurate pour sizes.
  • Not susceptible to electrical noise