Through Science & Technology - Total Systems Control (TSC) will help improve your bottom line while maintaining product quality and best in class standards.   


Utilizing the BLM2000 will add longevity to your draft beer equipment.  HOW?  Through a series of Complex Audio Signals which vary in frequency and amplitude, the “PLCB approved” BLM2000 creates an unfriendly environment for yeast and bacteria cells to grow and multiply within the beer lines.  Once attached to your draft beer lines the continuous sending of Complex Audio Signals from the BLM2000 System ensures your draft lines remain clean 24/7/365.  Also, use of the BLM2000 reduces the need to dismantle and flush your draft beer system every 7 days.  Thus, the flushing (waste of beer) and dismantling (wear & tear) of your draft beer system need occur every 8 weeks vs. every 7 days, or every 2 weeks depending on your state laws.


BOUT QUALITY AND TASTE?  Despite the extended time period in which your system must be dismantled and chemically flushed out, Customers utilizing the BLM2000 maintenance program “will not sacrifice” the TASTE, quality, crispness, cleanliness, or integrity of their DRAFT BEER products…   Remember, utilizing the BLM2000 provides protection against yeast and bacteria growth 24/7/365.


MY STATE LAW REQUIRES SPECIFIC DOCUMENTATION OF CLEANING RECORDS.  HOW DO I STAY IN COMPLIANCE WITH THESE LAWS IF I USE THE BLM2000?  Great question…  Although the BLM2000 reduces the need to dismantle and flush your draft beer delivery system, you (the license holder) are still required to maintain the proper records and ensure the cleanliness of your draft beer system.  TSC will provide your location(s) with the required cleaning / maintenance schedule as outlined in your states regulations.  TSC will also ensure that your location is provided with the proper instruction and tools to remain Compliant under state laws.


SOME INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVES HAVE SAID THE BLM2000 DOESN’T WORK.  Here are a few facts: (1) The BLM2000 System is endorsed and distributed by Perlick Corporation.  Perlick is a premier supplier of Bar and Beverage Dispensing equipment throughout the world. (2) The BLM2000 System has been endorsed by major brewers around the world, including Coors Brewery, SABMiller International and Kirin Breweries of Japan. (3) Negativity from Industry Representatives may be heightened because of a lack of knowledge regarding the BLM2000 Equipment, or because the BLM2000 System reduces the need to “dump beer down your drain”.  Reducing this activity saves you (the end user) considerable monies.  (4) Total Systems Control currently has over 450 Customers successfully using the BLM2000 System.  Worldwide, the estimated number of beer lines using BLM2000 Technology is well over 570,000.  (5) Consider this; Total Systems Controls average customer, who adheres to their states laws and requirements, see an annual savings of approximately $400.00.  Factor TSC’s average Customer savings x 450 Customers and that = savings to our Customers exceeding $180,000.00 annually.  Wow!!


HOW DO I GET THE BLM2000 DRAFT BEER MAINTENANCE SYSTEM? Don’t be fooled by imitators…  Total Systems Control is the areas ONLY “Perlick Certified, Pureflow Dealer”, therefore, TSC is the only company authorized to lease, sell, or install and maintain the BLM2000 equipment in Western Pennsylvania, and pockets of Ohio and West Virginia. 


WHAT CAN I EXPECT TO PAY FOR THE REQUIRED CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE CYCLE?  TSC normally charges $20.00 per month, per draft faucet for such cleaning contracts, however, certain variables are considered to determine actual costs.


IS THERE ANY ADDITIONAL COST ASSOCIATED WITH A LEASE PROGRAM?  No.  TSC handles all regular cleaning and maintenance schedules as outlined in your Customer Lease Agreement and the BLM2000 is covered 100% by Total Systems Control for defect and failure under normal usage.  You pay nothing more then your monthly rental/cleaning rate…


WHO WILL MAINTAIN MY BLM2000 EQUIPMENT IF I DECIDE TO PURCHASE IT?  Again, because Total Systems Control is the ONLY Perlick Certified, Pureflow Dealer - TSC would be required to install your BLM2000 equipment, and maintain its every 8 week cleaning cycle.    


THE BENEFITS OF USING THE BLM2000 SOUND INTERESTING, BUT I WOULD RATHER HAVE MY DRAFT LINES CHEMICALLY CLEANED EACH WEEK OR AS REQUIRED BY MY STATE LAW.  Not an issue…  Total Systems Controls sister company, Jordan Draft Service, will be happy to provide your business quote for the required chemical cleaning at competitive rates.


MORE QUESTIONS??  Contact Total Systems Control @ 412-384-3311.  If outside Pittsburgh, call 1-888-872-5602.  Our Representatives will gladly answer your questions or provide you with additional details.