BLM 2000

Cleaner Beer Lines at a Lower Cost!!

Here’s How it Works:


The BLM2000 Control Unit generates a complex audio signal.  It transports this signal through the beer lines via Transponders that are attached to each beer line.  The signal creates an unfriendly environment for yeast and bacteria cells to grow.  The prevention of yeast and bacteria contamination allows beer to flow from kegs to glass without “any deterioration in quality”…



Technology That’s Revolutionizing Draft Beer Line Cleaning


Operates 24 Hours a Day/7 

  days a Week Keeping Beer

  Lines Clean…


Reduces Chemical Cleaning

  Cycle to an average of 6 times 

  annually, versus 52, or 26



A single Transponder covers

  150 feet of draft line.


Easy Installation.
Brewery Fresh taste that lasts

  from Cleaning to Cleaning.