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June 19, 2007



Dear Business Owner:


Last month the State of Pennsylvania fined liquor license holders more than $97,500.00 for violations related to underage drinking. 


If you’re business was cited for underage drinking, you’re all too familiar with how an unexpected financial sting like this impacts your businesses bottom line.  In addition to the financial impact, citations issued by the PLCB can be damaging to your businesses reputation and long- term success.  


Total Systems Control has been helping business owners like you avoid unnecessary fines since 1996.  For as little as $595.00 plus tax, you can own a portable ID Scanner and Age Verification unit.  This one time cost is far less then the average $1,250.00 fine issued under PLCB guidelines.  Please accept our brochure, which provides information on Age Verification as well as other services offered by Total Systems Control. 


Total Systems Control is proud of our proven track record, helping successful businesses - gain control and accountability over daily operations with relatively inexpensive solutions.  I appreciate your consideration of our services and look forward to supporting your business needs.  Should you require any additional information or support, please call @ 412 384-3311. One of our company representatives will be happy to answer your questions regarding Age Verification, and customize a unit to fit your needs. 





Dan Prokop

General Manager

Total Systems Control

Jordan Enterprises, Inc.



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