• Faster, consistent service to the customer - every brand     controlled by a Laser dispenser cuts drink preparation time with pre-programmed accuracy of portions and cocktail combinations.
  • Minimizes "lost" liquor due to over pouring, broken bottles, and unauthorized comp drinks.
  • Better inventory control - every ounce of every brand dispensed can be accounted for.
  • Dispenses all ingredients for margaritas simultaneously.
  • Enhanced sanitation over batch-mixing. Closed system eliminates risk of contaminants. Consistent and precise portions and ratios improves brixing and customer satisfaction.
  • Supports multiple programmable recipes.
Every margarita is recorded as it is dispensed. INFINITY™ software generates and prints a variety of reports.
Laserita™ optionally interfaces to POS or ECR equipment.
Uses bag-in-box margarita mix, bottle reserve system and water supply. Ingredients can be daisy chained for higher
volume capacity.