Installing BERG Laser will improve pour cost percentages!!!
Laser™ Remote : Liquor control from a soda-gun style system dispenses liquor from 6, 12, 16, or 32 brand models from a remote liquor room. Ideal for fast-paced dispensing requirements - night clubs, casinos, sports arenas, etc. where speed is critical. Also dispenses cocktails with multiple ingredients. Advanced reporting through Infinity™ software and POS Interface features is available.
  • §Fast, Accurate & Consistent - No Waste
  • §Program Cocktail Mode to Pour Your Multi-Liquor Recipes with One-Button Laser Accuracy
  • §Space Saving Racks & Wall Mounts Make it Easy to Fit Your Backroom or Front Bar Space
  • §Use 1.75 Liter Bottles and Cut your Costs
  • §Easy Windows Based Software for Reporting, Automated Scheduling, Inventory, Automatically Switching to Happy Hour pricing, etc.
  • §Interface with Cash Registers or POS Systems to Automatically Post Prices and Decrease Theft.
  • §Able to Dispense Thicker Viscosity Liquors or Mixes.
  • §Export from the Software to your Excel or Lotus Spreadsheet for Fast & Easy    Accountability.
  • §Secure System will not empty lines or reservoirs should a leak occur.
  • §Remote Accessibility available using phone lines to access the system