BERG's ALL-BOTTLE™ system uses unique price-coded pourers, that are easily inserted into each bottle. Simple tamper-evident seals assure that each ounce will be accounted for. The pourers cannot dispense liquor unless they are used in combination with the special activator ring. The bartender simply brings the selected bottle up through the ring - with either hand - and pours the drink with a conventional pouring motion. It's just that fast. The drink is dispensed and recorded - immediately. It's that easy!

The All-Bottle INFINITY™ standard features:

Complete Management Control

  Infinitely variable programmable portion sizes, 0-30 ounces.
  Seven (7) price codes, (well, call, premium, cordials, etc.)
  Three programmable price level options (Happy hour, regular,

   entertainment, etc.) w/key lockout.

  Up to 64 selectable portions.
  Up to 64 selectable portions.
  Station key lock-out for security.
  Optional interface with POS equipment

Reliable - designed for bar environment

  Compact design - fits almost anywhere that liquor is served.
  State-of-the-art electronics design.
  Heavy-duty, convenient push button function switches.
  Rugged stainless steel, splash-resistant enclosure.
  Adjustable LED indicator intensity - permits LED's to be set to best    

   suit bar lighting.

  Battery back-up for memory retention in case of a power failure.