The industry's standard in beverage control systems...

Rock-solid basic accountability and repeatability in an affordable, compact, easy-to-use liquor control unit.

As the manager/owner of your property, don't be chained to your bar because of accountability concerns. Let Berg be your representative behind the bar - when you're not present. Know that every drink poured will be accounted for with the All-Bottle 703 interfaced to a POS. The AB703 System locks all of your open bottles and gives your customers a consistent drink with all servers.

Combining the latest technology with Berg's innovative engineering provides a very easy to use, reliable and affordable control system for any size establishment. And with the Berg System, your customers are assured that they are getting a consistent drink every time.


Offers THREE user settable portion sizes - adjustable from 1/8 to 10 ounces, for each price code.
Reads up to seven different price codes - using either the standard or fast-pour style of Berg's price coded pourers.
Permits pour-delay/restart function - restart a pour by keeping bottle inverted for a programmable delay.
Mechanical key switch lockout - for additional after hours security.
Standard POS (Serial) sales terminal interface - assures that all pouring activity is recorded at the sales terminal.